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10 Fun Games for Roadtrips in Michigan

Here's what you need to know...
  • Road trips in Michigan are fun but could become boring without anything planned
  • Roadtrip games can provide a great solution for this problem
  • Make sure you check your insurance coverage before you leave so that you’ll know you are covered on your trip

Are you planning a road trip in Michigan soon? Have you ever been on a road trip that you were excited to go on until you were actually on it? In other words, you’re bored. The miles seem to get longer with each passing minute, the road appears to stretch out forever, and all you can see is that yellow line.

If you are a parent and you often take kids on your trip with you, you know how hard it can be to keep them occupied and prevent them from getting into trouble on the road or causing you to be distracted while driving.

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Car games can help with this by providing a fun, innovative way to pass the time and the miles. You may remember some of the car games you played with your parents when you were younger.

These games are great memories that you can have of your trip, and they solve the problem of distractibility when you are driving. You don’t want to risk taking your eyes off of the road at an important time that could lead to a sudden accident.

The Importance of Car Games on Roadtrips

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Car games can help in many different ways. Some of the advantages of using car games on road trips are listed below.

  • Keeping kids occupied
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Honing skills specific to each game
  • Little to no materials required

Another advantage to using car games is that lower stress in the car means safer travels. You don’t have to worry what your kids are doing and, if they are occupied with a car game, they are less likely to get into fights that you have to stop, causing you to be distracted from the road.

It’s possible that car games cut down on the number of accidents because stressed drivers are more likely to have a collision.

10 Fun Games for Roadtrips in Michigan


We’ve compiled a list of ten fun games for road trips in Michigan that you will enjoy playing with your kids or that they can play alone so that you can focus on the road. They can play one, two, or all of these games and by the time they get done with all of them, you’ll be at your destination!

#1 – I Spy


I Spy is a game we all remember from childhood that requires the players to locate an object and then see if your opponent can guess what it is.

If you play this in the car, you should remember to make it something in the car as it will be too difficult for someone to locate an object that is going by outside at breakneck speeds!

If you specify that you are going to allow objects such as signs ahead on the road, you could use objects in the road that are at a distance so that the other person would have time to find it. “I Spy” is a fun game that can help pass the time and appropriate for all ages.

#2 – Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo is a road trip themed version of “Bingo” that is much more interesting than traditional Bingo. The game involves the use of small cards that feature various road signs, cars, and other items you might see on the road.

The only problem with this game is that you need to be careful not to let the pieces slide off while the car is moving. One idea is to put a minuscule piece of velcro on the corner of each square and the alternate piece on the back of the pieces you use, so it will stick while driving.

#3 – The Alphabet Game


The Alphabet Game is also known as the Car License Tag game. It involves locating letters from A to Z on the backs of motorists’ license plates.

There are certain hazards associated with this game, such as asking Mom to “step on it” to get close to the license plate to see the letters better!

You can also include objects and signs on restaurants and gas stations to include more possibilities in locating letters. But it’s relatively safe and keeps kids occupied, at least until they get through “Z.”

#4 – 20 Questions

20 Questions is a popular game that allows you to find an unknown object and get your opponent to guess it, based on their questions they ask about the object.

It’s sort of like playing detective, and many kids enjoy playing this game while on the road. Be sure to give hard clues at first then make the clues more revealing as you progress to make the game last longer.

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#5 – The Name Game

The Name Game is a game that kids can play that allows them to guess which celebrity or other famous person you are talking about. Give clues that are not too obvious but which capture the characteristics of the person.

#6 – Did you hear that?

Did You Hear That? is a game that requires the person to guess what they heard or what the other person is thinking about such as a rumor or an event that occurred. You can be as creative as you want with this game.

#7 – Name That Tune

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Name That Tune is a popular game that requires your opponent to guess what song you are singing. Only sing the first few bars of the song, or you can sing some lines in the middle. Choose the part that is not too revealing and don’t sing the title!

#8 – The Movie Game

The Movie Game is a game involving imitations. You think of a movie or a movie scene. Then ask your opponent to try to guess what movie you are representing.

#9 – The Counting Game


The Counting Game involves choosing an object like cars or birds or anything else and counting how many you see. You just need to announce what you are counting before you start this activity.

#10 – Hangman

Hangman is a classic word game in which you try to get your opponent to guess a mysterious word that only you know. Kids can do this easily on paper while they are riding in a car or download one of the many apps to play it online.

There are many car games that kids can play when on a road trip in Michigan or anywhere that will allow you to drive in peace and keep kids occupied for miles. They can also change the rules of the game to fit the location they are in to make it more interesting.

Making Sure You’re Covered Before Your Roadtrip

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One thing you should do before traveling is to make sure you have enough insurance. Compare car insurance rates from multiple companies to ensure that you have the best deal and be aware of the mandatory coverages and other requirements in Michigan.

Finding the right coverage for your needs just requires that you take a look at what you have and ask yourself if it is enough for what you usually do.

If you are traveling a long distance in Michigan or elsewhere, it may pay to add some coverage to your current policy so that you will be assured that you have enough coverage.

Compare the fine print of each policy so that you will know that you are making the best decision and ask a representative for advice on which one is best for your situation.

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